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Caves/Stephen Cooley - Split Cassette

Image of Caves/Stephen Cooley - Split Cassette


LTR 002

Reissue of the self-dubbed/released/etc. Jazz Farm cassette, which originally appeared in the summer of 2009.

Professionally duplicated, hand-stamped clear cassettes, featuring new/expanded artwork.

Hand-numbered edition of 75.

"Caves projects his shoegazing kite along these contorted winds to produce pop-scapes that strech our emotional imagination. On the flip, Stephen Cooley scales it back to traditional ambient themes that seem to weave between reverberated vocal echoes and field recordings." - Aaron Levin, Weird Canada

“Caves … manifests a stately shoegaze/bedroom pop vibe. Cooley’s approach has a few more Fripp/Eno moves embedded within it, along with some light tape looping.” - Byron Coley, The Wire Magazine

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